WinSurvey 3.3

A versatile tool to design and publish surveys, complete with results analysis
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A versatile tool to design and publish surveys, complete with results analysis. It allows you to include different types of questions on your surveys, such as single choice, multiple choice, essay, fill in the blank, etc. In addition, you can create and maintain a respondents database, thus making it easier for you to send your surveys to them periodically.

The program's user interface is intuitive. However, it might be a bit difficult to understand at first glance, due to the amount of elements and sections presented in it. The most interesting area is probably the survey designer, where you can add or edit your questions, and have a preview of the survey, so that you can see for yourself how it will look exactly when published on a webpage. When your survey is ready, you can publish it either locally or on a website. As a part of the service, AceBIT allows you to publish your survey on their Web server for free. Nevertheless, you can also send it to your own Web server, depending on the type of project you are working on.

To create a new survey, you need to start a new project. The program includes a wizard that will guide you through the entire project creation process. You can choose among three project creation methods – super-light, light, and professional. Light and professional methods require you to have your own Web server to publish your survey. Once it has been published, regardless of the method, the program will help you to analyze the results, and will even generate statistical charts for you.

As stated before, the program allows you to manage respondents databases, so that you can easily send a specific survey to a selected group of persons, for example, by e-mail. Finally, the program also includes a module to manage poll projects. To sum up, WinSurvey is a comprehensive tool designed to assist you in all the stages of the survey process, which makes it a very advisable tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very comprehensive tool
  • Intuitive interface
  • Allows you to publish your survey either locally or on a website
  • Allows you to publish your survey on AceBIT web server for free
  • Capable of generating statistical charts
  • Includes a respondents database management module
  • Allows you to create poll projects


  • Might be hard to understand at first
  • Forces you to create a user account to be able to create a new survey project
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