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WinSurvey is an application for survey creation and sharing
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WinSurvey is an application for survey creation and sharing. It makes use of a graphical user interface similar to that of Office 2007 and allows you to create surveys and polls and then share those.
I was amazed at how complete this application is. I created a sample survey using one of the many templates available. I chose the Customer Satisfaction survey. To create a survey you need to get a User ID from the WinSurvey system, which is free, but you have to activate each one of them. Once that is done, you can start editing the questions that were created for you from the template. You can modify the answers and the questions and add new questions. Once you are done, you can export the survey to a plain text file or an HTML web page, which you can add to your website. The surveys look rather plain, but I don't see a need for fancy graphics here.

There are 3 buttons to the left of the GUI. The first one is My Surveys, which I just wrote about, the second one is My Respondents, where you can add your targets (the people who you want to ask the questions) and e-mail them, and the third is My polls, where you can create various polls. In general, the application felt responsive, snappy and there are plenty of features to use. There are also different modes. I used the basic mode so I take it the Pro mode has even more features.

José Fernández
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  • Great GUI à la Office 2007
  • Lots of features
  • Basic and Pro modes


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