WinSurvey 2.0

A powerful tool for creating, publishing and analyzing surveys
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WinSurvey is a user-friendly tool for creating, analyzing and publishing surveys. Having a large variety of uses and being easy to handle, it enables you to create your online surveys very easily. It is significantly faster than conventional surveys by mail or telephone.
WinSurvey offers exceptional functions:
? The Survey Designer creates, changes and formats the text of your questions and answers. Using the Survey Designer you can view the final result of the survey in the web browser or as unformatted text (for emails).
? There are several answer types available: multiple choice, options or matrix.
? The Result Management module allows you to create a database where you can save the results of your survey. You can collect the results automatically, saving time. You can also browse the table of results, view statistics or filter records.
? The Charts and Analysis module helps you to create graphical presentations for your survey. You may choose between a static or live presentation when publishing your survey.
? With the Survey Publisher you can publish a survey on the Internet. Files are automatically generated and loaded. A wizard assists you step-by-step during the quick and easy publishing process.
? With the Interview module you can take surveys while working, and later, you can import the results into the database.

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